AKZAK, the impatience of interconnected youth

Reaching out and welcoming: such is the dual impulsion that prompted us to take on board “human block” made out of intertwined singularities and create a choral choreographic piece in dialogue with an original soundtrack.

For 12 dancers and with live percussionist Xavier Desandre Navarre (Burkina-Faso/Morocco/Tunisia/France)

on tour
27  March 2020 : preview, Biennale de la danse en Afrique, Marrakesh
30 March – 10 April 2020 : Casablanca, Meknès (Morocco), Cairo (Egypt)
25-26 September 2020 : French Premiere, Zébrures d’automne,
Festival des Francophonies, Limoges
Season 2020/2021 : French and European tour