The dance dialogues with pop music in a rolling wave of humanity...

Premiere November 21 and 22, 2014 at the NorrlandsOpera in Umeå (Sweden)
as part of Umeå2014 – European Capital of Culture
with the NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Benjamin Levy

  • November 21th2015 Festival de danse de Cannes, Théâtre Debussy, Cannes
  • November 24th2015 Le Granit- Scène nationale, Belfort
  • Novembrer 27th-28th2015 Les 2 Scènes – Scène nationale, Besançon
  • December 1st2015 Le Théâtre – Scène nationale, Saint-Nazaire
  • December 10th2015 Le Sémaphore, Cébazat


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Points of View

When the dance meets sculptures by Henri Laurens ...

Creation February 10, 11 et 12,  2016  at Donation Jardot, Belfort.

February 10th-12th,2016 Donation Jardot, Belfort
May 8th,2016 19 CRAC, Montbéliard