Private: Creation 2016, Emmanuelle Huynh

Compagnie Mùa

May, 26th, 2016 - 19h30

Espace Odile Duboc, VIADANSE

> Free entrance

Emmanuelle Huynh
Compagnie MÙA

Creation residency as part of the Accueil/studio program, May 17- 29, 2016 for her 2016 creation (title tba)

For more information on the Compagnie MÙA :

Onstage: four characters/ four generations.

I am asking the visual artist Nicolas Floc’h to imagine a space, a machine, a structure which can metaphorically represent onstage the ideas of perseverance, accelerations, efforts and falls.

Each generation will encounter, interpret and dance in this space.

A text by Pierre Guyotat (Formation, ndr) may be used as an acoustic ‘body.’ This body may be silent, audible, stretched out, accelerated, distorted. It may be repeated, like certain scenes of our childhood repeat themselves, like refrains or key moments we cannot forget.

The relationship between the spatial structure, the text, and the bodies (the dancers will appear solo) will bring onstage what is being played out in this formation, this becoming: the slow absorption, the powerful intercutting which happens inside us, structuring us, the accelerated inscribing of an event by an image, a sound, a smell, an emotion.

Attached to the idea of formation is that of emancipation, thus the singularity produced by the encounter of a human being with his or her context. The staging of a dynamic which alternates domination/ emancipation may be the central element in the sensitive construction of this project. Pierre Guyotat’s text, its acoustic fabric, its transformation into a ‘machine,’ its meaning – will contribute to the staging of this dynamism.

Workshops which prepare the work will target civil society to extract statements showing reflections on work, the profession, the paths chosen in our lives. We have already worked with a psychoanalyst and Yves Clot (Chair of Psychology of Work at the Centre National des Arts et Métiers) which helped us to “understand” these statements.

Formation, becoming – is a societal issue, it is now political.

We are planning to propose a poetic, emancipating vision of this process.

Emmanuelle Huynh

Creation 2016

Creation 2016, a piece for 4 performers

Conception: Emmanuelle Huynh
Set design: Nicolas Floc’h
Sonography and artistic collaborator: Matthieu Doze
Performers: Iman Alguimaret, Kate Gicquel (others tba)
Production: Compagnie MÙA
Coproduction: Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau; School of the TNB; VIADANSE Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté in Belfort under the auspices of the Accueil/ studio program, (others tba)

The Compagnie MÙA is registered with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication – General Direction for artistic creation – the dance delegation