Création 2017 – Festival GéNéRIQ.

Music, voice and guitar Peter von Poehl Choreography and performers Héla Fattoumi – Éric Amoureux Musicians Antoine Boistelle – Percussions Frédéric Parcabe – Basse Plastician Claire Willemann Vidéos Éric Lamoureux Costume designer Maryline Lafay Lighting designer Sylvain Roch Construction of luminous structures Olivier Cardot

Sympathetic Magic
Sympathetic Magic, a danced concert with Peter von Poehl, Héla Fattoumi, Éric Lamoureux.

To celebrate the release of Peter von Poehl’s fourth album, SYMPATHETIC MAGIC, Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux return to the stage. They will continue their collaboration on a new danced concert which interweaves the melodic lines of the pop singer’s songs and the poetics of the two choreographers’ dancing. A crystalline voice, bursts of images, glints of movements, in a shimmering, flickering piece …